Sony Patents Blockchain Technology to Store Digital Rights

Sony seeks to Leverage on Blockchain

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Giant electronics manufacturer Sony is aiming at using blockchain technology to store digital data rights.  As a result of implementing this technology,Sony believes data will be secure and easily accessible.

The blockchain solution will be used to store user identification information. Users will be assigned public keys which will be used to access the products they have purchased from Sony. The public key must correspond to the private key on the blockchain solution to allow the customers access the products. The blockchain solution will also enable Sony to get rid of the DRM rights management system. Until now,The DRM system is currently in place but it isn’t  reliable. The DRM system in place has one challenge, if the system goes out all the data acquired will be lost. Through the blockchain solution, Sony will be able to get rid of the challenges it is currently experiencing with the current system.

Changes the blockchain solution will bring to Sony

Once the blockchain solution is in place, Sony will be able to get rid of the failure of the current DRM solution which can lead to loss of acquired content. Although the DRM systems such as cloud-based UltraViolet are used to limit access to only users who purchase copyrighted materials, the blockchain solution could be used to manage other contents. It could be used to manage rights to contents such as medical data, scientific data, games, audios, music, videos, television or movies. The emergence of blockchain technology has brought about a lot of changes as we see more companies embracing this tech. The technology can be implemented in many different ways to benefits users and improve the quality of services offered.

Sony seems to be serious and ready to implement the blockchain solution. Sony has already filed for a patent at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The application was jointly filed by Sony and its subsidiary Sony Pictures Entertainment. In its application, Sony cites movies as one of the contents that the blockchain solution could be used to manage.

The use of the blockchain solution to manage Sony’s content will give it an upper hand. In addition to this, it will give the company a chance to manage its content better.

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