Circle Cryptocurrency Investors Can Invest in Monero

Circle Adds Monero

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Monero virtual currency is the latest coin to join the Circle platform a week after Zcash. Monero is now available to investors on the Circle investment app. News of the new coin hit the public through a blog post on May 7th 2018.

Monero has been pitched as ‘the mother of all coins’ as it is able to merge transparency and privacy at the same time. It is an open source privacy oriented coin which uses ring signatures and stealth addresses to ensure users enjoy decentralization while maintaining their privacy. Its privacy is one of the main reasons why it has been widely adopted. It uses the Egalitarian concept which sees all users as equals deserving equal opportunities and its fungible aspect ensures they cannot be blocked nor rejected therefore cushioning users from loses in such events.

The addition of Monero brings the total virtual currencies available on the app to seven. Circle Company is a young startup founded in 2013. It came up by offering Bitcoin wallet services but has diversified over the years. In 2015, they acquired BitLicense which allowed the company to offer virtual currency to traders. Early this year, Circle launched Circle Invest, a product build for investments based on blockchain technology.

Through the app, customers can invest in the available virtual currencies. The commission-free application offers Monero,  Zcash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin while enabling easy transfer of cash from users bank accounts

Other services offered by Circle Invest

Apart for from offering a trading platform for crypto investments, the app offers market data to investors. The app is available in 46 states excluding New York, Hawaii, Wyoming, and Minnesota. Circle is working with authorities to make it available in the States that are currently not offered. Users can download the app from Google play store or Apple’s App store and start enjoying commission free trading. To enhance security, the app has privacy protection and a two-step verification process in place to protect traders.

Circle is a small company founded a few years ago but has made major strides since its formation. From only offering bitcoin wallet service to now a commission-free trading app, Circle is still expanding. Its acquisition of Poloniex exchange platform will serve as a building block for the company’s future plans of offering more virtual currencies for trading.

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