11 Cryptocurrencies That Can Follow Bitcoin’s Trend

After Bitcoin grows bigger every day, what are the digital coins that can follow it?

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These days, Bitcoin is blooming, as it has risen above the amazing amount of more than $8000 per coin. You may wonder what is the next big digital currency that can follow Bitcoin’s trend. With literally more than a hundred of cryptocurrency coins, the answer isn’t so simple. Are they secure? Are they sustainable?

Below there are the 11 most attention-worthy digital currencies.


1. Dash (Digital Cash)

A privacy-oriented and open-source digital currency. It provides very low fees, sometimes close to zero, or totally free.

2. Digitalcoin

It’s constructed for stability, thus it has already earned the trust of many businesses. A secure algorithm and a decentralized system confirm its sustainability.

3. Ethereum

Valued at $35 billion USD of market capitalization at the moment, Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency. It’s a blockchain application platform with a decentralized software that is able to run distributed applications on its system. The name of the coin is ‘Ether”. The platform currently is divided into Ethereum Classic and Ethereum.

4. Feathercoin

This project includes ‘Point of Sale’ equipment, minting of real coins and deploying ATMs. Its aim is to overcome the traditional banking system.

5. Litecoin

To maximize safety, it’s based on a decentralized network that runs open-source software. Not only has that but also provides another form of security through its encrypted wallet (password-based lock). It’s designed for protection against viruses and trojans.

6. Monero

This currency launched in 2014, created by the support and donations of the cryptocommunity enthusiasts. Its aim is to become the most untraceable and secure cryptocurrency and that’s why it uses a ‘ring signatures’ system. Right now, Monero worths more than $2 billion USD in market capitalization.

7. Peercoin

It’s a sustainable and secure cryptocurrency, as it uses ‘Proof of Stake’ protocol, to ensure that none mining practice can exploit the coin’s system. Also, it allows the miners to receive payments in many different digital currencies, without the need of connecting to other networks.

8. Quarkcoin

The algorithm of this coin is designed to run in CPUs, without giving an advantage to server arrays and GPUs. While most digital currencies use one round of hashing, Quarkcoin uses 9 rounds for improved security.

9. Ripple



It released in 2012 and since then its market capitalization has risen above $9 billion USD worth. Ripple achieved that thanks to its special features and the lower cost of mining.

10. Steem

Last but not least, Steem is actually a social media platform using blockchain technology. It allows the users to vote each other for their shared content. Depending on the votes, the blockchain spreads the payouts to Steem Dollars and Steem Power every day. At the moment, a Steem Dollar equals to $0,91 USD.

 11. Zcash

It provides privacy features and upgraded security. Zcash users can choose to encrypt their operation and use the ZK-SNARK proof construction facility, in order to make 100 percent private any transaction made by both sides involved.

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