2018 could be another great year for Nvidia and miners.

Nvidia enjoying the ride

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2017 was generally a breakthrough year for everyone involved in Cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrencies hit their all time highs and was also the year when currencies like Bitcoin started becoming fully mainstream. The crypto boom also saw chipmakers like Nvidia enjoy the year with great profits.

Nvidia, which is a graphics card manufacturer, was the best performer on the S&P 500 in the category of Chip manufacturing. In 2017 the share price of Nvidia rose by 100%. Goldman Sachs believes that the company will continue to grow in 2018. Toshiya Hari, who is a strategist at Goldman Sachs, believes that Chipmakers will have another great year on the stock market.

“Nvidia is one of the markets that is exposed to different secular growth markets. Gaming might be a meaningful and sustainable river for the company because of the emergence of eSports and the potential proliferation of VR/AR. Nvidia was also among the top when it comes to semi cap alongside Entegris.”

The company is also expecting its share capital to grow by 7% because of the growth in the gaming sector according to Hari. The main factor that is expected to trigger this growth is the launch of Nvidia’s latest Volta-powered Titan V graphics card. This card was launched in December 2017. The Titan V was really hyped during its launch. Currently one Titan V. costs $3,000 even though you can only buy two on Nvidia’s website.

Nvidia latest chips

This chip is the most powerful chip produced to date and has 5,120 CUDA cores, 12 GB memory and 640 Tensor cores. The company has even come out to say that Volta is 9x more powerful than its previous Pascal. The launch of Titan V has had massive and impressive results. One user even published the list of games he can benchmarked using the Titan V and all demonstrated good results.

The best technology comes with huge prices and that’s the case with Titan V. gamers who want to mine cryptocurrency might have to wait for Nvidia’s consumers card version to be launched. The company has already lunched professional gaming cards and will be followed by more affordable consumer grade card which will be less powerful than the professional ones.

Nvidia is also planning to ban the use of its GeForce and Titan cards in all data centers across the world. The best thing is that miners will not be affected by these changes. According to the latest Nvidia GeForce license: “There will be No Datacenter Deployment. This is because the software is not licensed to be used in datacenter deployment but Blockchain processing in a datacenter is permitted.”

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