9 Suspects arrested after stealing Bitcoin machines

Stealing Bitcoin machines

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Cryptocurrency investment has become very lucrative thus attracting all sorts of people. This has seen crime increase towards the market whether online or offline. The latest case is of nine men who have been arrested in connection with the theft of several types of machines used for Bitcoin mining worthy more than $127,885. According to OCPD Megat Mohammad, the suspects were arrested on 23rd Feb.

The OCPD added that:

“Our investigation was based on information obtained when the nine suspects tried to sell the equipment through a website and also through a Facebook account. When we managed to arrest the suspects we recovered about 58 bitcoin machines.”

These suspects are believed to be a notorious gang involved in many similar cases including robbing a Bitcoin miner in Serdang. The OCPD added that:

“In Serdang alone, we have received four similar cases. So far we have already solved two cases by arresting the suspects. The remaining cases we are completing the investigation, but we already have good leads, and we will have all the suspects face the law.”

In another unrelated case, a gang of robbers who were mainly Filipinos were jailed after robbing a man RM7, 000 in a hypermarket in Puchong. The cases towards cryptocurrencies are increasing day by day. Cybercrime is rising, and there is at attempted security bridge in exchanges almost every day. This is one of the reasons that meant governments start talking about regulating digital currencies to ensure that the security of citizens investment is the first priority.

There are cases already of exchange companies like MT.Gox and Coincheck that have run bankrupt after all their coins including those of investors were lost in the hands-on hackers. The law should be tight such that suck hackers and robbers face serious arm of the law so as to stabilize the cryptocurrency market.

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