Founder of Sues Facebook for Defamation

Mr.Lewis Sues Facebook.

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Giant social media company, Facebook, is facing a defamation case in a UK High Court after Martin Lewis accused the company of using his face and name without his consent.

Mr. Lewis is accusing Facebook of publishing  ads with his face and name to promote cryptocurrency trading. The ads are being used to attract people to invest in cryptocurrency but in real sense,they are just conning people. Mr. Lewis has been requesting Facebook to take down the ads for over a year, but his pleas have not been heard.

He said, “It pains me to see people who trust in me get conned just because my face and name is on an ad on Facebook.”

The scammers have even gone a step further and linked the ads to fake news pieces from sites like BBC. The fake linking to BBC and having Mr. Lewis’ name and face only end up luring more people to these schemes.  Mr. Lewis says he has been fighting the use of his name on the ads for over a year.

Advertisers are bypassing AI Filters

The advertisers behind these scamming ads have found loopholes on how to elude the AI filters. Earlier this year Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads on its sites, but it seems the ban wasn’t effective. Reports have emerged that the advertisers are using vague language to bypass the filters.

The recent upward trend of Bitcoin prices is also causing a lot of people to be easily scammed through such ads. Many do not want to miss out on joining the Bitcoin bandwagon and get rich quickly. Ads like the one with Lewis’ face end up being lucrative which leads to more scammers posting the ads on Facebook. The scammers have also found several loopholes which they use to repost the ads once the original ones are taken down. The ads seem to be more on the site and that is what pushed Mr. Lewis to file the case. Mr. Lewis will be represented in court by a team of lawyers led by Mark Lewis. The lawsuit against Facebook is personal and should not in any way be linked to Money Saving Expert.


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