Accenture Considers Blockchain Technology for Shipping Logistics

Accenture May Use Blockchain to Track the Quality of Shipments

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  • Accenture Global Solutions is considering adopting the Blockchain technology to automate and streamline its shipping logistics.
  • The system would prevent alteration of products.

Accenture Global Solutions, a professional consulting giant, is adopting the blockchain technology for its shipping logistics services. The US Patent and Trademark Office published a document yesterday 26th July 2017 which stated that the system would determine some certain features for the items that would be shipped and the system would store those features on a blockchain. The planned system would then trace the items as they are transported from one place to another, by using the data stored on the Blockchain to verify both the condition and the status of the item.

Devices, be it uncrewed aerial vehicles or robots, would be used by the network to verify the integrity of the items as they are shipped to their various destinations. The information would be compared with the status to the items already stored on the ledger.

As the item proceeds in the trip, if the device successfully verifies the item by matching its information with that stored on the blockchain, the item would be moved on to continue its trip or is included for a further manufacturing process. However, if the verification is unsuccessful, the device may give an order that the system either halt the trip or return the item.

This would alert everyone involved in the shipping process that regulates the item. The system could possibly call for a meeting or request for an investigation of the item to see if it was altered or tampered.

Though this is not the first time blockchain would be adopted for shipping logistics, it is, however, the first of its application for Accenture. reported late last year that Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) has partnered with Blockchain company Waves to create a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform for shipping solution. Also last year, Samsung piloted a blockchain application that aims at tracking and recording shipping documents and logistics related to exports/imports.

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