ADS Securities Expands CFDs For Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, And Ripple

ADS Securities Adds BCH, LTC, And Ripple CFDs

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  • Having a crypto CFD becomes a necessity for online retail brokers to keep customers.
  • ADS Securities has also expanded CFDs For five cryptocurrencies.

UAE: Adjudging by the latest trend in the world of digital currencies, it is obvious that every online retail broker who wants to maintain its customer base must adopt the crypto contract-for-difference (CFD) system, and a number of brokers have already added this instrument. The most recent of these actions is that of ADS Securities, an international brokerage founded in 2011, who recently added CFDs to 5 different digital currencies for its customers.

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ADS Securities, which has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, made a formal announcement that it is adding XRP, LTC, and BCH based CFDs. ADS Securities offered the new CFDs to its customers about 2 weeks back as a test-run, however, the company said it received good responses from its traders, hence, ADS will commence a wider marketing of the instruments.

ADS Securities, a company licensed and regulated by UAE’s central bank, now enables traders to trade 5 crypto CFDs on its registered OREX platform. These 5 crypto CFDs include BTC and Ether which it launched last year. The brokerage lowered the spreads on BTC and Ether based CFDs so as to push the new offerings.

ADS Securities’ head of Retail Sales, Jason Hughes, said:

“We are delighted to be expanding the offering on our OREX platform to include these key cryptocurrencies. OREX enables users to access the crypto markets with ease, and the flexibility of CFDs allow our clients to take long or short positions, helping their management of exposures and positioning during the current volatility in these markets. Cryptocurrencies have been making waves for some time, however now that understanding of the market is growing, we believe it is the right time to introduce more coins on to our OREX Platform.”

In your opinion, which of these offers a better-leveraged crypto trading, futures or contracts-for-differences? Drop your comments in the box below.

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