AMD CEO Lisa Su Says Growth Emanates from Data Centres and Gaming

CNBC Report

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Gaming and data center

Su Said;

“We’re very happy with how the quarter went and how the year started. For us, it’s about our long-term strategy paying off. We saw a nice ramp across our product lines across our PC, gaming, and data center product lines. Gaming is a great market, there are lots and lots of gamers — from casual gamers to real enthusiast gamers — and we’re addressing that entire segment. In the data center, everyone needs more power in the cloud, so they’re really great market segments.”

Therefore, Su said that AMD added Dell, Lenovo, and HP as the commercial PC clients, and also is in expectation of the clients to experience growth in the Q2 of 2018 as the computers are launched.

Microsoft will also partner with AMD server products and further said that there are unannounced customers in the vicinity.

Crypto and Blockchain

Su also was involved in addressing some concerns from Susquehanna which made suggestions that Ethereum may have been involved in the AMD Revenues.

Additionally, Su declared that the customers who purchase the crypto mining equipment accounted for about 10% of the Q1 revenue saying, “We feel we have a very good idea of what people are using our products for, so it’s a nice growth factor but it’s not a dominant growth factor.”

This has been considered important due to the fact that crypto mining has led to the increase in the prices of the graphics processing units especially those used for the gaming computers.

Su Added;

“People are watching the day-to-day of what Bitcoin does — and [they think] that relates to our day to day sales and it doesn’t. It’s a very important technology. The idea you can do all these peer-to-peer transactions and a decentralized market, but it’s a bit of a distraction at this point. We want to focus on the core markets.”

Looking forward

Therefore, Su said that she expects the AMD products to contribute to an increase in the second half market share.

While addressing Intel and NVIDIA, Su said;

“High-performance computing is a $75 billion market. We have an opportunity to address that entire market. We believe our technology is very competitive. The fact is there’s a need for many solutions and our customers are saying they like our growth map and they’re excited about what we have.”

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