Another Lawsuit Has Been Filed Against Coincheck Asking for Almost $800,000

Cointelegraph Reports

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A lawsuit for approximately 82 million Yen which is about $771,000 has just been filed against coincheck which was recently hacked. This is according to April 2 cointelegraph reports.

Coincheck was exposed to hacking on 26 January and around $530 million NEM was derived from the hot wallet storage. The exchange was involved in the freezing of all the withdrawals of the major cryptocurrencies just after the attack. Therefore, the withdrawals and the sale of the various coins might start in mid-march.

According to the current information, two lawsuits have been filed against the organization coincheck by Hiromu Mochizuki who is a lawyer. The first lawsuit was involving the 10 traders of crypto sued the crypto withdrawals freezing. The same was also filed by the same lawyer involving 132 plaintiffs suing for 228 million Yen of damages.

ITJ which is a Japan-based law firm is most involved in the lawsuit with 15 plaintiffs, has the notices for filing for the coincheck damages on the front of their website. The firms make the statement that they are bound to request major changes against coincheck. This is for the price of cryptocurrencies before the incident and also the price at which the plaintiffs could be involved in withdrawing.

Coincheck then began the process of making refunds in Japan Yan to the affected customers due to the hack on 13 march at the 88.5 fixed rate to one NEM coin.

ITJs coincheck damages page was initially published before refunds started being done which allowed withdrawals on 13 March. Therefore, they state that there are various price points in making the decision on the refund amount. The first was at 11:58 on 26 Jan for a restricted deposit in NEM. On Jan 26 at 16:37, coincheck was involved in the suspension of fiat and crypto withdrawals and also the price when this was covered by the news.

The price points are especially for the plaintiffs whose withdrawals were restricted. The CT Japan made reports that the damage control defense council by coincheck has a legal team which works on the damages from the hack. A Japan law firm called Aussens also files 3 lawsuits against the coincheck organization.

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