ASRock, A Motherboard Maker, To Sell Crypto Miners

GPU Making

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ASRock is making plans to sell a total of four graphics cards (GPU) which are distinctly for mining of cryptocurrencies.

The organization was involved in the unveiling of the Phantom gaming series just last week. This was based on the AMD’s RX series. An American employee based in ASRock conformed to CoinDesk the fact that the four cards will be used specifically for mining. All the versions of all cards will be from the RX570 series. Additionally, a fifth card from the RX570 8G OC version s based specifically on gaming of the product.

Therefore, this confirmation just comes moments after a presentation was posted on Twitter last month by the depicting the planned products.

Therefore, this move shows that ASRock has been in the quest of capitalization of miners GPUs who might be involved in using tech in the energy-intensive process of mining. This organization was also involved in the production of a mining specific motherboard back in 2013. Therefore, the demand for the GPUs saw organizations such as NVidia and AMD experience a growth in the sales. However, in their statement from the two firms, they confirmed that miners are only composed of a small percentage of their customers.

According to the PCGamer report which was involved in covering the last weeks reveal, the RX570 series will be involved in running the AMD’s Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition. Therefore, the detail is notable which was just before the announcement, AMD was involved in the update of a similar driver which would enable the handling of the processes of cryptocurrency mining. This is according to the report made by CoinDesk.

This confirmation just came at the same time as that of Bitmain which is the largest Bitcoin miner which was involved in unveiling the ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) which has its dedication to the other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and other coins. Therefore, the Antminer E3 will be expected in July and sold very quickly just after the China organization accepted preorders.

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