Baidu Search Engine Launches Interstellar Blockchain Game, Du Yuzhou

Chinese Baidu to Release Interstellar Blockchain Game

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  • Baidu Search Engine releases Interstellar Blockchain Game called Du Yuzhou.
  • Baidu had earlier launched a blockchain protocol, Super Chain, which decreasing mining energy.

China: As reported on Friday 8th June, the internet search engine giant based in China, Baidu, has launched an interstellar game called Du Yuzhou – translated as the Universe. The game is powered by blockchain and as players use the blockchain features, they would be given “elements” with which they are to build their own planets.

Baidu announced the game as

“open blockchain interplanetary journey, [having] a magical world made up of all kinds of rare elements” [where] each user having a unique planet [that can be explored].

According to the search engine, every player will be given one hundred random elements in an airdrop when the game is launched, as users get more elements, their unique planet gets bigger, and subsequently increases in gravity, therefore, enabling the planet to receive more elements that unlock “mysterious functions.”

Prior to this release, Baidu, last week, had released an announcement about the launching of a blockchain protocol – Super Chain – targeted at decreasing the amount of energy expended on mining activities. Last April, the search engine launched an image rights platform powered by blockchain. Baidu claims that the platform would prevent copyrighted images infringement.

Games powered by Blockchain technology are now making a wave in the cryptocurrency space. reported in March that CryptoKitties, the virtual collectible kitten game debuted last November as a collectible game built on the blockchain tech and the Ethereum cryptocurrency, has raised $12 Million in funding round.

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