Baidu launches Stock Photo Platform Totem on the Blockchain

The company plans to track and validate intellectual property infringement claims through distributed networks

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The search engine giant Baidu launched a new stock photo service dubbed as Totem. This project is part of Baidu’s initiatives related to the work on the Blockchain. This service revolves around bidding to secure intellectual property of images in China while expanding its services on the blockchain. It is still unconfirmed if Baidu will use an internal network or a public network for handling the new project.

Earlier this year the company launched “Leci Gou”, involving the digital adoption and trade of puppies or commonly known as CryptoDogs, while blockchain recorded the related transactions.

Baidu’s Totem initiative

On 11th April 2018, the Totem platform went online for the public. When users submit original photographs, the timestamp, identity including real-name and image data are recorded and stored in the blockchain. This makes it possible to access the information through a distributed network.

The searching capabilities, artificial intelligence and internet scraping mechanisms of Baidu would yield the possibility to compare photographs and images all over the internet. The company plans to track and validate intellectual property infringement claims with the use of information stored in the blockchain.

The website indicates that other conventional stock photo websites will soon follow the same path onto the blockchain. Visual China Group which is a partner of Getty Images, the stock photo giant in China, is one such website service.

According to the website, Baidu’s in house Blockchain team is an active participant of the Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger blockchain consortium. Baidu is considered as the Google for China due to its vast service provisions and excellent search engine capabilities.

However, there are previous efforts from other companies to solve the digital media intellectual property concerns using the blockchain. The well-known U.S. firm Kodak, recently claimed to issue its own digital currency on the blockchain to support photograph ownership property rights.

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