Belarus Government to Legalize Cryptocurrency

The Belarus Government Adopts Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin regulation is the general topic on everyone’s lips in the Bitcoin space right now and the future of Bitcoin and the Blockchain across various global regions is something everyone can’t wait to see.

There had been some clarity as to the progress certain policymakers are making in various global regions such as China, Japan, much of Europe and the US in making strides towards one end goal or another (be that regulation, acceptance, adoption or an outright ban) and it seems as though fresh information are emanating daily as to how things are being played out in those regions that are yet to make (or at least publish) their decisions.

Fresh information on Belarus to Legalize Cryptocurrency.

According to reports out of Belarus (as reported by popular news media outlets in Belarus) the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has put forward its decision on Bitcoin and blockchain very soon to legalize Cryptocurrency.

The first reports of some advances by Belarus on this subject came from a domestic media outlet called Tut By Media, reporting as follows:

“The decree provides for the introduction into civil circulation of Cryptocurrencies and tokens based on the technology of blockchain. A comprehensive legal regulation is proposed so that HTP residents can provide crypto exchange services, exchange Cryptocurrencies, attract financing through ICOs, [and] use Cryptocurrencies and tokens in civil circulation.”

Note that this is one element of a wider technological decree and the overarching decree is designed to pave the way for future technological advance in Belarus and – in turn – to attract the sorts of businesses that can help regenerate an economy (many of which, right now, are blockchain based).

So that’s one more nation that seems to be acting favourably towards Bitcoin and blockchain-based technology. Which country would be the next?

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Is government adoption of Cryptocurrency safe for its decentralization? We await your comment

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