Best Six Most Ridiculous Altcoins

Bitcoin Funny Alternatives

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As Bitcoin is seen as the Granddaddy of digital coins, a lot of Altcoin alternatives have come up. Some of the Bitcoin alternatives are very close to rivaling Bitcoin. Such alternatives like Ethereum, Litecoinn, Ripple, and Dash have real-life application.

With all this ICO boon has spread to the ridiculous and the absurd. It has led to the birth of Altcoins that are either a joke, Parody or ones which can be described as pointless. The hype around Blockchain related coins has seen some of this ICO coins rise in value. Some of the ICO coins are described below;


This coin was started to proof that Blockchain was actually spreading into the mainstream. It’s owned by the Burger King Russia who decided to use Blockchain for its loyalty programme. This Altcoin works as a reward program such that when a customer spends one ruble, he/she is awarded a WhhooperCoin. As at now more than 17,000 which could have traded for burger where accrued. According to the head of external communications at Burger King Russia Ivan Shestov; “WhooperCoin is no longer a burger loved by people in 90countries only but an investment tool.”


This coin originated as a joke combining digital memes and digital coins. It’s a very famous ‘pointless’ coin. It generally described as a meme coin which is based on doge which was a Shiba Inu dog. Shortly after its release, many people enjoyed it, and it shortly hit a market cap of $130 mln. The creator of DogeCoin Jackson Palmer is a project manager at Adobe and the co-creator Billy Markus is a software engineer at IBM.


The existence of Potcoin was well planned. It was made to help Marijuana which operated between legal and illegal move into the global space. The general creation idea was to enable marijuana transactions within the cannabis industry. More digital currencies have however come up to compete in this field even though the original idea came from PotCoin.


Originally Unobtanium was for the Hollywood industry. It was meant to be very rare. In fact, according to Unobtanium, only 250,000 UNO coins will be mined in the next 300 years. The current market cap of Unobtanium is at $11 million. Unobtanium idea is based on Avatar film and was inspired by a rare mineral in the Hollywood Blockbuster.


Coinye Altcoin is styled after a famous American rapper called Kanye West. This Altcoin is actually called Coinye West. In 2014 the cryptocurrency was shut down after Kanye west sued the company for unspecified damages. The lawsuit forces the developers of this into change the logo appearance that did not look more of Kanye West. This time they styled it into South Park’s understanding of West.

Putin Coin

The famous Russian president has attracted a huge following. This huge following has been extended to digital coin makers. The Putin Coin is one of the latest coins coming into existence in 2016. Since its launch, the Putin Coin has hit a market cap of $2.5 million

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