Bitcoin can be mined using the Tesla Model S!

The Tesla Supercharger network can be used to mine cryptocurrencies!

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From mining via classical computer rig methods to phones and hydro mining! Heck, the UFC Fight Pass was even used for mining.  Crypto aficionados can now use their Tesla Model S to hook up a bitcoin mining rig! But how? Using the companies Supercharger network.

One creative individual hooked up a bitcoin mining rig to his Tesla Model S.

It’s no wonder that individuals are coming up with new and innovative ways to mine bitcoin. After all, the price of one BTC recently passed $11,000. The coin’s market cap itself is at an almost whopping 200 billion dollars!

So, one gentleman decided to go the unconventional mining route and build a rig right in his Tesla car. Now, bear in mind that users have already suggested that the Teslas autopilot computer can be used to mine some bitcoins. That is when it’s not in Autopilot mode of course.

Michael Pearson actually went and did just that. Popped a mining rig right into the trunk of his Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S bitcoin mining rig
Credit: Michael Pearson

Is it actually… Alright?

Well, the whole point of doing this is to take advantage of the free electricity provided by Teslas Supercharger network. Technically, if enough power is drawn, this could very well work. But definitely not without some drawbacks.

First off, the Supercharger network wasn’t built for the purpose of mining bitcoins. Some ethical boundaries to consider here. Additionally, the cars battery pack would probably experience a lot of stress. And the car itself would heat up a considerable amount. Heck, could the car even blow up?

I wonder what Elon Musk will have to say about all of this!

With the bitcoin price going parabolic it should come of no surprise that people are thinking of new ways of mining the coin. If you can’t cough up the funds for a Tesla Model S or a high scale mining rig, don’t worry, there are other ways to get some bitcoins.

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