Bitcoin Cash – a Better Version of Bitcoin?

This Has Been Launched

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Bitcoin Cash Popularity

From the start of 2017, Bitcoin was the king, then followed by Ethereum. However, Bitcoin cash overtook Ethereum months ago, and this is now valued as the fourth largest Cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin cash has been continuously improving since its launch and now is trading above the $1,250 levels against the US Dollar. It has a market cap of $21,817,358,719 just slightly lower than Ripple.

On March 1, Bitcoin cash broke above its resistance level of $1,220. As of the time of writing this article, the price is at the $1,283 level. However, $1,300 is its resistance zone, and it’s likely to extend the gains once it breaks the resistance level. On the downside, the current support for the Cryptocurrency is at the $1,270 level. Therefore, a drop below this point might trigger losses.

Therefore, the hourly MACD is on the bullish zone, the hourly RSI is above the 50 level, the major support level is at the $1,250 level, and the major resistance zone is at the $1,300 level.


In Dec 2017, details were shared about the BitPay plans to make payment processes on multiple blockchains. Therefore, today, the next step has been introduced. This starts with the introduction of the BitPay Visa Prepaid Card. Therefore, you can order a BitPay Card for just $9.95 and pay with Bitcoin cash. Additionally, you can load your card with dollars by using Bitcoin cash.

The BitPay Card

The BitPay card is a prepaid Visa card where a user can utilize it at the Visa accepting merchants. It can be either in person or online. Since the card was introduced, users have now gained the capabilities to load dollars by use of BitPay. Additionally, with the BitPay mobile wallet app, all the transactions can happen with just a few clicks and also a swipe on your smartphone.

Therefore, with the addition of the Bitcoin Cash support, one/uses can be able to load their BitPay cards with dollars by use of either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

However, the two blockchains have differing issues such as the network fees, the exchange rates and also the confirmation times. Therefore, the users are allowed to do a side by side comparison. This is to determine the payment method which might favor them and works best when making a payment.

Therefore, you (our readers) and also the other BitPay Card users will be first to access the Bitcoin Cash payment processing. Additionally, your feedback will be highly appreciated as the merchant processing system is being introduced.


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