Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic available on VIABET soon

Players can use BTC and ETC on the VIABET platform

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VIABET announces, the players can soon use Bitcoin Cash (BTC) and Ethereum Classic in their platform. is a multi-functioning cloud-based site acting as a big virtual casino. The site works as a peer-to-peer sports betting platform. The specialty of this gaming platform is that it accepts various types of digital currencies for transactions. This powerful platform running on Blockchain allows companies to make and sell their own casino and betting games. This is similar to the concept of creating DApps in Ethereum.

VIABET going to support Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic will help towards the company goals. The goal is to initiate a clear-cut motivational platform that can remap the path of online betting systems.

The company announced on Twitter couple of days back (9th November 2017) stating the following;

In our latest update, VIABET will be offering Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) deposit and withdrawal options for our online sports betting and casino customers.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash handles Bitcoins as a peer-to-peer electronic cash. Bitcoin Cash was created by miners and developers of Bitcoin. The intention was to create a digital currency that can scale effectively.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is an open-source and distributed platform running smart contracts. These smart contracts or scripting functionality gives the ability for the programs to run without any downtime.

Why VIABET seek Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash with its effective scaling and lower transaction costs grabs the attention of those who like to create their own betting games as well as those who like to spend their dollars on such betting games. In many countries, the government policies are strict so that the government-owned casinos have all the benefits and support. The VIABET platform making a bold move decides to use Bitcoin Cash to eliminate that barrier.

Bitcoin is showing a positive trend in trading, with the trade up 30.88%. VIABET becomes an initiator of implementing deposit and withdraw facilities of BCH to the betting platform. This will be a great advantage for the users of the online casino.


The VIABET pre-initial coin offering (pre-ICO) will be occurring from 14th to 21st of November 2017 for a period of one week. The pre-sale of VIABET is offering 7,000 ETH, capping at 9.8 million VIA tokens. Company believes the target can be achieved before the deadline on 21st, the end date of the pre-sale event.

The company is offering a total of 49 million VIA tokens to the public. Investors will be able to buy these tokens to gain access to VIABET future profit. The company offers 40% off through early bird deals on VIA tokens, to attract the investors during the pre-sale event.

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