Bitcoin Cash Repeating Same Mistakes as Bitcoin

Mike Hearn, who is bitcoin core developer, said that Bitcoin Cash is not on the Right Path

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Bitcoin cash is repeating the same mistakes Bitcoin made in 2014, says Mike Hearn, an early crypto developer and adopter.

Mike Hearn, who in 2016 quit as a core developer, said on a Q and A on Reddit that Bitcoin Cash was not on the right path. He was one of the developers charged with maintaining the basic software in the Bitcoin network. He is currently working with R3, a fintech startup.

On his responses on Reddit , Hearn went on to further say that Bitcoin Cash lacked any form of solid governance. For this reason, unpopular views are easily censored within the platform. Most Bitcoin Cash adopters use Reddit for communication and all announcements. The programmer suggested that a replacement to Reddit should be found where the moderator will have limited powers and where all ideas can be easily discussed without censorship or worry of attacks from other users.

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

He also expressed concern over the planned hard fork that Bitcoin Cash is expected to have. He said that there wasn’t any effort to check whether the hard fork had received much support from the users. Bitcoin Cash is expected to have a hard fork on the 15th of May. The most notable change from this would be the increase of the block size to 32MB.

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“All this is what was happening with Bitcoin in 2014, “he said.

In 2016, Hearn had proposed a fork that would increase the number of transactions handled on the Bitcoin network. However, this didn’t end up well as the proposal was voted down. Later, a bitter fight ensued between developers of the bitcoin network. This raised a lot of questions on the survival and longevity of BItcoin. A few months later, Hearn had lost all faith in the cryptocurrency, sold the Bitcoins he had and quietly left to join another tech startup. He said that Bitcoin had moved from a cryptocurrency that is community driven to one that is ruled by censorship. All this stemmed from a basic question on the number of transactions that the bitcoin network could handle. This pitted one side against another.

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