Bitcoin Community is Celebrating a Takeout Order Worthy 82 Million Dollars

Bitcoin Pizza Day

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Bitcoin users all over the world are celebrating the eighth Bitcoin Pizza Day yesterday. With Bitcoin price currently ranging from 8,000 dollars, the price of the most legendary pizza bought on this day in 2010 is now worth 41.1 million dollars. This day is accompanied by several social media events, a lot of giveaways form digital currency businesses and pizza eating. This day is meant to remember May 22nd, 2010 for the first time a Bitcoin user bought Pizza using Bitcoin.

During the 2010 Pizza day, Bitcoin traded at around 0.004 dollars and therefore making the two pizza from Papa Johns for 10,000 Bitcoin cost 41 dollars by Laszlo Hanyecz. This ceremonial occurrence earned Hanyecz more admiration that ridicule.

In 2010 Hanyecz wrote on Bitcointalk that:

“I will pay 10,000 BTC for several pizzas. I will take like 2 large pizzas so that I can have some left over’s for the following day. This is because I like taking a leftover pizza to nibble on later. If you are able to make the pizza, you can make it and bring it to my house or order it for me from a delivery place. My aim is to getting food delivered in exchange for Bitcoin in a way that I don’t have to order or prepare the food myself, like ordering a breakfast platter at a hotel. They bring you something to eat, and you are happy.”

There have been much responses to the original post from November 2010 with many people asking Hanyecz how it felt to eat pizza now worthy 2,600 dollars and also many wondering whether the order would become the world’s first million-dollars pizza. In this year’s celebration community info graphics have accompanied crypto businesses which include exchange BTCC which said there is a dropping scale of expenditure on its annual pizza delivery.

Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger from France in the meantime released a limited edition device to honor the occasion and appreciate the Bitcoin Pizza Day.

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