Bitcoin gold wallet scam resulted in loss of over $1 million.

A recent phony bitcoin gold wallet stole user info, leaking away a big sum.

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On the 14th of November, a Coinomi reported that less than 1 bitcoin was stolen from his Coinomi wallet. However, the withdrawal request was input for a total of 5 bitcoins. Some bitcoin gold was also stolen from the individuals account.

However, this guy is not alone. Apparently, there were a few other Coinomi users that reported funds being taken out of their wallet without their consent.What happened was that once people found out about the BTG fork was going to kick into effect, they started opening up wallets on Coinomi. It’s important to note that no other apps were installed on the device that was breached.

So, following the installation of the Coinomi app, BTG was transferred to the Coinomi account from a few other wallets. After all of the BTG was received on the wallet, the user who reported his issue also stated that he wasn’t in any rush to exchange the BTG for bitcoins. He simply wanted to see where the price might go. But, he then decided to exchange them. Using Changelly. The exchange went through successfully and the user received his bitcoins.

Now, as we know, 20 minutes went buy, the user opened up his wallet and saw that all his assets disappeared.

He has yet to hear anything from Coinomi support services.

So a scam bitcoin gold wallet was involved

By following this link from btgexp, we can clearly see how BTG funds were transferred to Changelly. And by checking this link out, we can see where the BTC was transferred to.

The user who submitted the report did note that he later found out that  used accidentally used a scam wallet, known as mybtgwallet. Which was confusingly advertised on the official bitcoin gold page, which can be accessed here, catch some proof.

The phony wallet was phishing for seed files. As a matter of fact, cryptocurrency users all over the globe were affected. Additionally, over a $1 dollars’ worth of coins were stolen according to this Reddit post.

Apparently, every time someone input their mnemonic seed on mybtgwallet, the seed was stored on the website and then transferred over to Google, where the con artist was able to decode the file. Consequently, gaining access to the wallet and stealing funds.

Users, I urge you to always be cautious, never trust anyone with your private wallet keys and seed files. It’s impossible to get your coins back.

No refunds exist in the crypto world.

In conclusion, I do not believe that BTG listed the wallet on their site deliberately. Some scams are quite difficult to catch before damage is done. Please proceed with caution.

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