Bitcoin Jumps in Price Again to $8,175

Bitcoin saw Another Sharp Rise as Weekly Rally Surpasses About 20%

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  • Bitcoin got another sharp rise in value to about $8,175.
  • This makes it a rise of about 20 percent just within a week.

Crypto World: This week has been favorable for the growth of Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency got another sudden sharp rise in value to about $8,175. This is the second sudden jump that Bitcoin would experience within this week, thereby extending this week’s gain to above 20 percent.

bitcoin graph

The graph above shows that bitcoin – the largest digital currency by market capitalization – soared in value by about $400 within just hours to about $8,175 on Friday, reaching its all-high of the day at 9 am (GMT). This sudden rise followed a similar sharp spike in value by more than $1,000 yesterday. Though the causes of both sudden spikes remain unclear.

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