Bitcoin’s Market Cap Exceeds $300 bln After The Prospect of Futures Trading

As a result, the combined market cap of all cryptocurrencies is over $450 billion.

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Maybe it seems too good but it’s true, Bitcoin’s market cap alone has now exceeded the amount of $300 billion. However, the total market capitalization of all digital currencies together is about to $450 billion.

It’s worth to mention that two weeks ago, the market cap of all virtual currencies reached the level of $300 billion. Since then, Bitcoin’s price was surging until it almost doubled its value.

Bitcoin’s market cap

Chart source: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin futures market and mainstream media coverage

The price increase to over $17,000 caused the growth of the market cap as large amounts of money entered the marketplace. Many institutional investors participated in the major cryptocurrency’s market. The reason is the Bitcoin’s prospect to enter futures market in the US and worldwide as well.

In contrast of the bubble talks that are around the media nowadays, the investor Mark Yusko believes this is only the beginning of Bitcoin’s price The constant exposure of the digital currency at mainstream media helps the mass adoption, even if it’s negative exposure.

A few hours earlier, Bitcoin was trading at $17,330 on GDAX.

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