Bitcoin Payment, BitFlyer, Now accepted in 74 Japan Beauty Clinics

SBC Medical Group

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Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, BitFlyer has made a partnership with the SBC medical group in a deal meant to enable the latter’s customers to pay their bills by the use of Bitcoin.

SBC is involved in the operation of the Shonan Beauty Clinic which is the biggest network of dermatology, surgery, dentistry and acupuncture clinics based in Japan. Therefore, upon launch of this venture, a total of 74 clinics based in Japan will start using the Bitcoin payment platform, the BitFlyer’s Blockchain passed payment system.

Therefore, the transaction maximum has been set at 2 million Yen which is an equivalent of $18,700 USD. BitFlyer has been involved in the enactment of the Bitcoin pay in more than 10,000 outlets in Japan which included the Marui Groups departmental stores, the BIC Camera electronics store, the accessories and fashion stores, the Gurunavi restaurant booking site and the HIS tour operators. All these enjoy the convenient services of Bitpay.

Additionally, BitFlyer made an announcement yesterday that they were developing an open Blockchain query language which should be available by the end of a year.

Additionally, according to some other related news by the Okinawa times, the Japan-based crypto exchange association made claims that the Japanese’s cryptocurrency transactions and trading in FY2017 amounted to around $645 billion which was 20 times higher than the figures of FY2016. 90% of the total crypto trade was done using BTC.

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