Bitcoin Symbol Featured on New Karate Combat League has a new League that Features a Bitcoin Symbol

0 618, a platform founded to promote Karate worldwide, has launched a league that has a bitcoin symbol in the combatants’ ring is a platform that is fully owned and managed by Karate Combat. The platform has launched a new league that is meant to promote Karate across the globe.

As the players show off their skills, a bitcoin symbol in the middle of the ring stands out quite vividly. The league has also been featured in a number of publications. One notable sports site that has featured this league is Sports Illustrated.

Karate Combat announced that it will air the first event live on the 26th of April. This will be aired from Miami Beach. After this, the next event that will pit the USA against Iran will be aired from Dubai. The platform is a professional gaming arena where players face each other in fights that last 3 minutes each for three rounds.

As they launched the league, Michael DePietro, the CEO of Karate Combat had this to say:
“Millions of Americans have taken part in Karate at some point in their lives. Until now, we haven’t seen any professional league that has been organized for this. We want to change that.”

Bitproj: The entity behind the Symbol

Thanks to, a nonprofit entity that aims to raise awareness on Bitcoin, the combatants will face each other in a ring that has a Bitcoin symbol. Bitproj is committed to creating awareness on cryptocurrencies. It is a key sponsor of this league. Checking the Bitproj website, the organization touts itself as a community of crypto enthusiasts who support the bitcoin movement through co-branding and sponsorships.

Having a Bitcoin symbol in the middle of the ring would definitely attract the attention of onlookers and Karate fans. Bitproj believes that having the symbol and being a key partner in the league will entice the audience to talk about the relevance of Bitcoin in society. Cryptocurrencies are envisaged to be the future of finance and opinion is rife that they are here to stay.

Some of the countries that will take place in the league are France, Morocco, USA and Dominican Republic. There are a total of 30 countries. The league is expected to have over 100 fighters from these countries.

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