Bitcoin Tech Accepted at Ivy League Schools

Bitcoin Tech Accepted at Ivy League Schools

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Business schools are being pressurized for two reasons: the increasing population of students who are interested in cryptocurrencies; and the thriving business owners who are on the lookout for the graduates who already have practical knowledge about the various supporting technology of the famous global cryptocurrency – bitcoin.

Greg LaBlanc, a lecturer at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, told Agence France Presse when he was speaking about the bitcoin supporting tech, the blockchain. He said:

We believe it will have the biggest impact on contracting, logistics and supply chains, healthcare, public administration, assets clearing, property, transactions.

Mr. LaBlanc continued by saying, that the Haas School of Business will offer its first ever course in a blockchain software next semester.

Luc Olinga from Agence France Presse writes. The Haas School of Business “will handpick 60 students from the departments of business, engineering, and law and split them into groups of six to explore possible applications of the technology.”

According to World Report and US News, Haas is among the top ten business schools, precisely the seventh.

Axiom as a Way to Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain, for whatsoever intent, is the most often put axiom in cryptocurrencies circles. It is seen as a maxim to decide how new somebody is to bitcoin: the more people use the phrases such as “blockchain technology,” in their sentences,” the better listeners understand that they probably require more knowledge on real-world bitcoin.

This is because is now used by corporate business types, paradoxically, it has become a way by which cryptocurrencies is embraced by that community … which carry anarchic or unofficial stigmas.

Mr. Olinga explains that Blockchain:

was originally developed as the accounting method for bitcoin. But while that cryptocurrency remains controversial with some players in finance, bankers increasingly see exposure to blockchain as a must.

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