Bitcoin Will Reach 40,000 Dollars and Become More Mainstream According to Marc Lasry

Bitcoin could hit $40,000

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Bitcoin’s price is likely to reach 40,000 dollars, become more mainstream and become easier to trade according to investor Marc Lasry. According to Lasry: “As Bitcoin gets more mainstream and more markets to allow it to trade where it’s tradable to be that will be a great bet.”

Lasry who works in a debt investment firm helped in the staring of Avenue Capital Group which is currently having about 9.6 billion management assets. The investor has insisted that his firm has not invested in Bitcoin added that his Bitcoin investments were made with his personal money. When discussing the growth of Bitcoin Lasry noted that Bitcoin investors will make almost 10 times of what they have an investment in 3 to 5 years.

In December 2017 when Bitcoin was having a massive rally Lasry regretted not buying Bitcoin earlier stating that he should have bought when it cost about 300 dollars. Bitcoin has struggled since December after its all-time high when it almost hit the 20,000 dollar mark. Since January this year, the crypto market has lost more than half of its value. However, the Bitcoin price started recovering on 16th July with the digital currency now trading above the 7,000 dollar mark.

Marc Lasry says that he expects Bitcoin investors to benefit more than investors of other digital currencies noting that same reason why he loves Bitcoin would be the same reason why other people love them adding that people would love Bitcoin more than other currencies. Lasry also noted that the market would still experience some difficulties adding that the market was only likely to grow stronger.

Other than being the CEO of Avenue Capital Lasry also owns a very huge stake in NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. He joins other Billionaire investors who have predicted that Bitcoin is likely to hit 60,000 dollars before the end of this year.

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