Bjork’s Latest Album can be bought using Cryptocurrency.

The Popularity of Cryptocurrency among singers

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The famous Bjork has announced that her newest album Utopia can be bought using Litecoin, Dash, Audiocoin and Bitcoin. The musician from Iceland is releasing her 9th album and has also stated that those who purchase using Cryptocurrency will also get free 100 Audiocoins.

Audiocoin is one of the latest digital coins with its current value at $0.004 USD. Audiocoin was launched in 2015 seeking to enable distribution of music through the platform. The connection of Cryptocurrency with music which is one of the unifying factors in the word speaks well of Cryptocurrency.

Bjork’s decision is seen as a marketing strategy for her Album to make it unique and also to attract attention during this period when Bitcoin is trending and bringing other Cryptocurrencies into the light. Contradicting with people Kelvin Bacon of Blockpool stated that:

The decision by Bjork is actually not a marketing strategy. It is a choice to lead others. Bjork was always expected to lead in this and her team was also expected to be working on Cryptocurrency.” About the sale, Bacon added that “The sale using digital currency is not about trying to get rich quickly. It’s about taking the opportunity which others have not thought about and using them.

Virtuous Satoshi Cycles

As more people get to know more about Cryptocurrency its price increases and the number of transactions increases too. This causes a very good price stability. The price stability then leads to increase in the mainstream adoption. The adoption process is called the Satoshi Cycle and it’s the one responsible for Bitcoin price increase.
The offer by Bjork for album purchase with digital currency is offering yet another step in the ladder of adoption and stability. As more and more people get attracted to the Cryptocurrency market prices increase therefore the adoption curve grows.

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