Blockchain For Domain Security? Verisign Thinks So

Blockchain For Domain Security? Verisign Thinks So

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Verisign, an internet security firm, is exploring an ingenious way of using block chain technology as part of their domain name system services extension. They are currently exploring a DNSSEC project that utilizes the power of the blockchain to prevent users from being sent to malicious look-a-like websites. This was revealed after the project’s patent application was released by the U.S Patent and Registration Office on Thursday 26th October.

DNSSEC protocols

The DNS system works by assigning unique identifiers to every connection on the internet. Whenever you type a web address the name is translated into numbers known as the internet protocol (IP) addresses. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization that is tasked with ensuring that all addresses are unique to prevent any connectivity errors.

However, there have been vulnerabilities on the DNS system which have allowed attackers to hijack the process and redirect people to their own malicious sites. This limitation led to the introduction of the DNSSEC protocols, a system designed to digitally sign data so that you can be assured that it’s valid.

DNSSEC and blockchain

Verisign intends to utilize the public ledger system of a blockchain to store public keys, digital certificates and other objects required for authenticating websites. Therefore, whenever someone tries to access a site, the protocol will first authenticate all objects available on the public ledger and then return them back to confirm that they are indeed a match before redirecting the user to the site.

Using the blockchain ensures that all objects are secure from hacking in order to ensure the integrity of the directory lookup function of the DNS system.

While there are many methods by which the use of the blockchain can be utilized in the DNSSEC protocol, Verisign is yet to communicate their plan on the development of this system.

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