A Blockchain platform aimed at promoting healthy parenting

FamilyPoints, a Blockchain platform tailored towards providing a safer child raising environment.

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As was mentioned in a previous post on Cryptona, Blockchain technology can revolutionize a lot of aspects of modern day life. Who could have imagined that it could reach into schools and parenting so soon?

Well, a community of entrepreneurs has developed a platform utilizing Blockchain technology which will allow parents to present their opinions on child care items.

On FamilyPoints, parents can discuss child rearing items, present reviews, and even take advantage of cool discounts through the Blockchain platform.

Parents can gain rewards by utilizing FamilyPoints and then convert those rewards into bonus benefits like discounts. Rewards can also be used for service child service acquisitions.

What else is great about the FamilyPoints Blockchain platform?

Well, there are a ton of parents out there that shill out huge amounts of funds towards buying items that are necessary in order to help their children grow. Now, with FamilyPoints, these goods can be acquired without the barbaric margins that retailers place on them.

Honestly, a pack of diapers shouldn’t cost as much as it does today.

Additionally, the platform offers frequent user rewards programs and some awesome educational content that parents can use to raise their children. Quite a humanitarian use of Blockchain technology.

Immutability of the Blockchain in parenting.

There have been cases in the past where baby or child products have ended up being harmful, toxic, and life-threatening. Thanks to the FamilyPoints platform, parent’s and child caretakers can be sure that they are acquiring the best products and services for their children.

How? Easy. Distributed blockchain ledgers are fully decentralized. Thus, they are immutable and can’t be influenced by a central party. So, if a large group of disgruntled parents see a big problem with a product and want to draw attention towards it, they won’t be muted by the financial power of childcare companies.

So, no more fake reviews, no more nonsense tailored to abuse unknowing parents and their children. FamilyPoints provides an honest platform that can influence positive child development to a great degree.


The Blockchain platform, FamilyPoints, is no stranger to child care, education, and child products. Babystep was actually founded by them back in 2015, which is a video library platform tailored to providing parents with quality content on how to raise kids under the best conditions.

So now, parent’s all over the world will have a platform that they can trust when it comes to raising their children.

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