Blockchain Technology continues to Move towards Mainstream with Government Partnerships

Blockchain Technology

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Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology is becoming part of daily living and is greatly being accepted. The best way to move the blockchain technology is by having it accepted by those governments. The acceptance can be done through partnerships and allow transactions using the cryptocurrency.

A good example of such partnerships is between ConsenSys and the U.S Department of state. The partnership was agreed in October this year to form the Blockchain-State Forum. This workshop took place in Washington D.C. Those in attendance included Joseph Lubin, the founder of Coneys who is also the Co-founder of Ethereum.

Lubin was very happy with the partnership stating that: “As one of the biggest companies building Blockchain software we are honored to continue cooperating with the US government. With our hub based in Brooklyn, we will continue to build a home of transformative technology.”

The [email protected] initiative was organized to keep up with the Blockchain development. It was also formed to monitor the application of Blockchain technology in different companies. The October forum was the second forum held after the formation of the [email protected] initiative. The very first meeting was held in July. The aim of the July meeting was to come up with the plan to use the Blockchain technology.

The October meeting was also formed to bring together the department of state, the private sector, USAID and other agencies to look at the implications of the Blockchain technology and how to use the technology. Some of the World’s biggest companies also attended the meeting. These were IBM, Microsoft, and the Pricewater Coopers.

The general aim of this forum was to educate the state department and other government agencies ob the use of Blockchain. It was also made to initiate dialogue with the private sector involvement as well as those who intend to be part of the technology.

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