Blockchain technology to be used by UN and WIN to combat child trafficking

The United Nations and World Identity Network combining their power for a common goal.

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In a recent announcement made at the Humanitarian Blockchain Summit in New York, we discovered that the United Nations is joining up with the World Identity Network to combat the issue of global child trafficking.

The UN Office for Project Services and the office of Information and Communications Technology are taking part in the effort.

The alliance has already launched a program targeting child trafficking. That aims to increase the chances of apprehending those responsible.

The UN and WIN believe that storing user identities on the Blockchain will increase the rate at which human traffickers are exposed and caught. The Blockchain will add transparency to the activities of traffickers, making it easier to trace their activity patterns.

They do have patterns.

How does modern day child trafficking work?

While it’s quite difficult to give a fully detailed example of how modern day trafficking works, I will try to touch on it.

Essentially, what happens is an older gentleman, woman, or group of individuals use face passports or ID’s to transport children from border to border. It’s not uncommon for these kids to then be pouched for organs or introduced to a lifelong career of prostitution.  – once a final destination is reached.

According to the World Identity Networks statistics and research, children under the age of 5 are prime targets. Especially those that are orphans and have no birth certificates. As these kids commonly fly under the radar of social programs and state agencies.

Vatican and Blockchain fighting evil.

If you are new to Cryptona or the crypto world, you may have missed the news about there being a huge meeting at the Vatican earlier this month. The international summit was geared towards discussing the issues of human slavery and trafficking as well as for good doers to form partnerships.

Human trafficking and slavery are actually top priority issues for Pope Francis. He first revealed his stance back in 2013.


It truly prides me to see large-scale, global organizations, social structures, and financial institutions coming together and combating these pressing issues.

Hopefully, you will all come to understand that while cryptocurrencies are great and can be used to power various ICO projects. Ultimately, the power of these new technological developments rests entirely on the Blockchain.

Pope Francis set a target for the full abolishment of slavery and human trafficking by 2020. Perhaps with the help of the Blockchain, that goal might realize itself.

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