BoutsPro To Unite World Karate Community Using Own Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Global karate organization Plans To Blockchain and Cryptocurrency In Uniting World Karate Community

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  • BoutsPro to use blockchain tech and cryptocurrency to unite world karate community.
  • BoutsPro created own cryptocurrency ‘BOUTS’ to achieve this.

The global karate organization, BoutsPro, makes plans to utilize Blockchain and cryptocurrency in uniting world karate community. The body targets bringing together an estimated 190 million strong karate communities by using Blockchain technology. Karate has many different styles, hence, there are diverse governing organizations overseeing tournaments and rankings like WFF, WKF and ITKF).

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BoutsPro underlines that karate training is different from other conventional sports in that karate students need a professional to personally guide them, both physically and mentally, through from the beginning to the end. Therefore, through the use of cryptocurrency and Blockchain tech, BoutsPro claims it has found a way to effectively manage these vital relationships around the world.

BoutsPro’s white paper explains that by employing Blockchain tech, it will ‘allow trust management and efficiency on the technological level. This will help to establish the system which can manage the whole system as well as the market requirements.’ The body also said that this move will look attractive to both firms that are not yet involved in karate, and those who are already involved in the sport.

Due to this, BoutsPro has launched its own cryptocurrency token (BOUTS, type ERC20), which is based on Ethereum Blockchain tech (9,000 BOUTS = 1 ETH). The ICO began on March 11th (no presale or private sale – the body emphasized that the token has a focus on equal opportunity) and will continue until March 25th. The team of karate ‘legends’ expects to use this token to ‘transform traditional karate to professional karate,’ therefore raising the profile of karate.

There are broad ways for BOUTS holders to use their tokens. The centralized portal of BoutsPro will enable users have access to access to training tips, plus access to lots of relevant information on karate such as details on ranking and tournaments. Holders can also purchase tickets to events online using BOUTS. Private clubs and teams (to participate in the World Professional Karate League) will be franchised and sold on the revenue share module. Holders can also exchange BOUTS for participation in the dedicated online gaming platform, which aims to ‘provide healthy entertainment and educate basics of karate to the common people as well athletes.’

This is a new development with good intents, however, what would be its rate of adoption among crypto enthusiasts? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below.

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