Brad Garlinghouse the CEO of Ripple backs Bitcoin

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The start of 2018 was particularly bad for digital currencies with some famous people like Steve Strongin and Warren Buffett predicting that cryptocurrencies were coming to an end. But during this time of despair in unexpected Bitcoin champion came up. This is none other than Brad Garlinghouse who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ripple.

Garlinghouse was speaking during a Yahoo Finance Seminar where he dismissed all the uncertainty and doubt in cryptocurrencies. According to him: “I have been long on Bitcoin personally and I am not a believer that Bitcoin will die a terrible death.” He however went to caution people that Bitcoin didn’t solve any payment problems like Ripple which is cheaper and faster.

Another exchange was shut down

Securities and Exchange Commission of Texas has shut down Bitstrade which is a platform that was offering 10% returns daily. The exchange was shut down because it was selling securities without the right authorization. This comes barely two weeks after another exchange AriseBank was shut down for also not following rules.

A payment provider in China has signed up for Ripple’s xCurrent

Ripple seems to be getting a lot of attention especially from payment institutions. The latest id LianLian International which is a Chinese payment provider. The company stated that it will be using the xCurrent provider from Ripple to enable instant cross-border transactions to its customers. LianLian is a well-known company which provides payments in many different currencies for e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon, Ali express among others. xCurrent is gaining attention because it does not use Ripple’s cryptocurrency XRP to enable its transactions.

Scientists use nuclear warhead computer to mine Bitcoin

Several arrests have been made at the Russia’s nuclear arms plant in Surov west Russia for using the institutions computer power to mine cryptocurrencies among them Bitcoin. According to the center’s press: “There has been unauthorized attempts to use computer to personal uses among them mining. The supercomputer which is used for security reasons notified the security team after it was connected to the internet.”

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