Breakthrough in Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin with Vodka

Breakthrough in Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Vodka

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Ekaterinburg-based entrepreneur, Dmitry Troitsky has filed with the Russian Trademark office to introduce the high quality Vodka named after the well-known cryptocurrencies in the market. These three names will likely boost up his vodka brand. Though the government there is not much positive towards cryptocurrencies, but Troitsky has a different take on this. He detailed to the Russian news site that public have a different opinion over cryptocurrencies. He believes that adding such diverse names to his vodka brand its sales will shoot up in the market

He desired to use the names of cryptocurrencies while issuing goods in the 33rd class of the global classification of goods and services (Alcoholic beverages excluding beer), and the three names he proposed are of prime quality

Troitsky is not the only person to promote alcoholic beverage with the cryptocurrencies. Avi Aisenberg, a distillery owner from south Florida also used the crypto-quotient for creating an “EthereRum” product. The heat from bitcoin miners is used to distill this rum.

Troitsky vodka line is a fresh perspective on familiarizing cryptocurrencies; the beverages could gain viable success with enough push from Russia. He reiterates that with a good support from legal and other resources, it would be possible for his vodka brand to be successful in the market

“People may have pleasant associations to cryptocurrencies with respect to naming certain goods with them”

Now we have to wait and see, once Troitsky’s premium vodka brand clears all hurdles and get launched in the market will customers purchase this unusual distilled beverage?

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