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Blockchain – easy explanation

A blockchain is a list of transactions, their timeframe, data, and information about it that is encrypted and secured by digital means. Also, these operations and their records can be stored and serve as proof that a contract between two or…

How to get Bitcoins?

So, you would like to get some bitcoins for free because you aren’t sure that you wanna dish out some cash for them just yet? Don’t worry, a lot of people are worried about investing a lot of money in the bitcoin because of its crazy price…


Ethereum is a sophisticated form of Blockchain technology that was introduced well after the Blockchain that handles bitcoin transactions.

Others Very Important Cryptocurrencies

The world was first introduced by Bitcoin almost 8 years ago and it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. With the advancement in time and technology, cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention due to its conversion at lightning speed for…

Bitcoin is more expensive than gold

Two years ago, Bitcoin's value dropped so badly that the digital currency was canceled as a failed experiment. Not anymore. Bitcoin has reloaded, and for the first time (2 March), a Bitcoin is worth more than a gold ounce troy.