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Law Passed to Curb the Double Bitcoin Taxes in Australia

With the onset of July 2018, the Australian government would double the tax of any kind of transactions which contains cryptocurrencies such as, Bitcoin. As per the existing law of December 2014, Australian citizens are taxed doubly for all…

Analyzing the SegWit2x Hard Fork

There’s been a lot of speculation and rumors about some changes that are about to take place in the world of cryptocurrencies. Particularly, Bitcoin, the biggest of them all is about to suffer a change in its infrastructure that’s…

What is the magic behind bitcoins insane growth?

It’s no secret to people that the price of a bitcoin has been increasingly steadily over the years and jumping quite wildly recently. Many people probably regret not investing in the bitcoin before it broke the $5,000 threshold on October…

Bitcoin is more expensive than gold

Two years ago, Bitcoin's value dropped so badly that the digital currency was canceled as a failed experiment. Not anymore. Bitcoin has reloaded, and for the first time (2 March), a Bitcoin is worth more than a gold ounce troy.