Caviar Declares, Pre-Sale Of Real Estate And Crypto Backed Token Will Begin November 28, 2017

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Bitcoin Press Release: Caviar, the Blockchain startup has declared the release of their property sales supported digital resource program. Caviar’s token decreases the danger for supporters via dispersion of cryptocurrencies and property sales debt, helping crowdfunding of property sales schemes in the meantime. Pre-sale commences 28th November 2017.

1 November 2017, The Cayman Islands – Caviar is founding a crowdfunding platform and a dual-purpose token made on Ethereum blockchain. Caviar’s token provides entry to cryptocurrencies and fixed property sale, including spontaneous dissemination and integrated downside security. The group within Caviar has wisely handled a property sale debt fund valued millions of dollars from 2013, while bringing loads of expertise and experimentation to this scheme. Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM), an AI formula backs Caviar, enabling for better forecasting capability and efficient asset distribution. Caviar program will also enable property sale agents to raise finances for their future schemes, and for Caviar token bearers to gain extra bonuses through risking their tokens. A pre-sale is being carried out by Caviar on 28th of November 2017, with accumulating $25 million being the target.

Caviar Leverages Increasing Worth of Cryptocurrency with High Demand for Real Estate

Global property sales sums up to more than 60% out of all major resources, and are valued more than $217 trillion USD. When compared, the whole cryptocurrency trade value lately reached a recent all-time peak as it exceeded $175 billion. “Assessing these causes, the possible monetary advantages of a property sale supported cryptocurrency are huge,” says Guy Neumann, a Caviar shareholder.

Over the last few years, many related asset categories have been outperformed by cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, dispersion inside this particular asset category is chaotic. Increased correlation to Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies has been reported. This novel asset category too is illiquid, increasingly unstable, and frequently not supported by nothing materialistic.

Alex Shvayetsky, a Caviar shareholder describes how Caviar targets to alleviate danger for helpers and solve the problem of dispersion, saying:

As many assets are very much interrelated dispersion of cryptocurrency finances is tough. Caviar seeks to answer this by giving publicity to rapidly developing crypto resources and revenue generating US-located property sale in one token – reducing danger and increasing gains in all asset categories.”

 Caviar Capital: Surpasses S&P by 300%

Caviar brings together huge cap and cryptocurrencies that are very fixed, chose novel token schemes, and property sales, implementing its own Intelligent Predictive Model to time financial conclusions precisely. Caviar is the next edition of Caviar Capital which in the past half a decade, wisely funded many of redevelopment schemes with a 0% default ratio, zero delayed payments and a median IRR (internal rate of return) of 16% per annum. From its beginning, S&P S&P 500 Bond and 500 Real Estate data have been regularly outperformed by Caviar Capital more than 300%.

Higher Gains for Conventional Investors with Digital Currency

By joining property sales and crypto assets, Caviar targets to provide an increased ratio of gains than conventional property sales finances, while increasing downside security. Furthermore, Caviar seeks to offer conventional investors monetary gains of a dispersed digital currencies included portfolio.

Even though cryptocurrency exchangers can benefit from instability of stocks, they are provided less in the form of true assets. Crypto-investors are offered with a novel chance by Caviar to vary their profile via publicity in property sales. Tokenization method by Caviar to finances in property sales, crypto-assets, and cryptocurrencies decreases the expense of handling, decreases access expenses for investors while taking off the issue of illiquidity related to conventional property sales finances. With the increasing worth of the market of cryptocurrency and the rising need for property sales in a developing era, Caviar might well be the precise disseminated portfolio.

The Token and The Technology

Caviar has brought about their Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM), an AI forecasting formula rooted in a machine learning methodology for rate predicting in short and long time frames, enabling for solider forecasting ability plus more impactful asset distribution. IPM utilizes a combination of qualitative/quantitative metrics and past information, together with research of the underneath ecosystem of the cryptocurrency, trends, and social signals. Information is spontaneously gathered from numerous avenues to come to conclusions real time.

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