Charity Auction Held by CryptoKitties Raises $15k for a Children’s Hospital

Bella’s Kitty Den

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A marketplace which has been dedicated fully to CryptoKitties, Bella’s Kitty Den, was involved in the launch of a charity initiative – Kitties for a cause. This was done in 2018 April in order to raise the funds for the Seattle based children’s hospital. This is according to a medium post. The effort is said to have raised close to 21.6 ether tokens and an amount of close to $15,000 during that time. This was under three weeks’ time, was told by CryptoKitties. According to the current prices, the 21.6 others are valued at $13,000.

Therefore, the users bid on the 370 distinct CryptoKitties which were donated to the Bella kitty den. This is according to the spokesman of Axiom Zen, Yasmine Nader. Axiom Zen is a parent organization to CryptoKitties and this helped the charity to create the awareness with the posts on the official medium page.

Nadery also told that this event was completed on 15 April although it would be an event to run in the entire month. In addition to the amount which was raised in Ethereum, $180 was also donated through the campaign they held.

She, therefore, noted that Bella, who is a 10-year-old and together with her father is involved in the running of BKD. Therefore, they started this campaign as a way of doing well with the various kitties show owned.

She said;

“This event was created by a CryptoKitties community member, and we were in awe of the initiative this young girl took. When she and her father told us about it, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with them partner with them and our community creators to spread the word about Bella’s cause.”

The team which has been behind CryptoKitties are in the hope that the donations are going to inspire the future events of charity.

Nadery told

“Seeing something like this be inspired by our game is all the more reason for us to keep moving forward with our vision of bringing a billion people to the blockchain.”

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