is considering Bitpay after Coinbase terminated service

Making bookings with Bitcoin

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Travel booking website which which allows Bitcoin as a payment option for booking flights and hotels since 2013 is considering switching to Bitpay from Coinbase who have canceled their contract. The company partnered with Coinbase in 2013, but they have been informed that Coinbase will no longer support the transactions.

According to CEO Jeff Klee:

“Coinbase who have been our processing partner recently told us that they would no longer support our transactions. There are a number of features we have been relying on them to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment from customers. These changes will occur in a few weeks.”

The CEO went on to explain that the Bitcoin received from customers is always converted to fiat because the company has to transfer the money to the partner companies. That’s the reason they have been partnering with Bitcoin since it has been providing that service to them. The CEO also explained that Coinbase had requested to stop offering that service at the end of this month and for that reason, they have been looking for an alternative partner. cannot stop accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment because rival companies like Expedia also accept Bitcoin as a means of bookings.

Coinbase has launched its own platform for merchants called Coinbase Commerce that’s why they are stopping Merchant tools product in order to focus on Coinbase Commerce which they say will be the best possible solution for all crypto online retailers. This new service will enable people to accept different digital currencies directly into a user-controlled wallet. According to Coinbase:

“We have come up with Coinbase Commerce which will be a free non-custodial solution whereby merchants will still have full control over their digital currencies.”

Coinbase has stated that from 30th this month merchants will not be able to make new orders using the Coinbase Merchant Tool. From 31st the exchange company will switch to the new platform Coinbase Commerce.’s new plans after Coinbase’s departure CEO stated that the company still had a great future in the crypto market. According to the Klee: “Very soon we will start accepting more digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash. In fact, we have already started testing these coins.” At this time has been having been accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash with most of the payments facilitated by Gocoin. The company has been asking for views from its customers about using Bitpay to process their payments in the future. According to them, Bitpay has a similar platform to the one they were using in Coinbase.

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