Chinese Wikipedia-like Baidu Baike Records Revision History on the Blockchain

Baidu plans to provide transparent and traceable content through the blockchain solution

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The search engine giant Baidu’s Wikipedia-like website Baidu Baike moved on to use blockchain technology for recording revision history for entries on the website. This action aims to improve security, traceability and transparency for the online service.

Even though Baidu is yet to go public with the integration, the search on the Baidu Baike service already indicates the revision history is recorded on the blockchain with an allocated hash value.

Baidu Baike Revision Log
Baidu Baike Blockchain Information

A Baidu representative stated that the service was made visible on the site on 28th May 2018. However, as it is seen from the time stamps of previous revisions on some content, the hashing on the blockchain seem to have started from last week itself.

Baidu has its own blockchain platform and the revision history service is stored in it. The hash data cannot be retrieved for inspection to see what information is stored in the blockchain itself. These could be the timestamp, revision ID, contributor’s name and perhaps a change description.

The spokesperson of Baidu refused to answer any technical questions. According to the spokesperson, the main objective of the integration is to enhance the credibility of the encyclopedia whilst allowing anyone to edit the content.

Baidu Baike online encyclopedia of China

Baidu Baike encyclopedia web service launched in 2008 provides relevant global information mainly to those who live in China. This is quite a good source of information as Wikipedia website is blocked in China.

As of February 2018, according to Baidu web data statistics, the Baidu Baike encyclopedia website have over 15 million entries of information put in by over 6 million voluntary contributors engaged in adding new revisions and updating the site.

This is the latest attempt by Baidu exploring the real potential of blockchain technology.

Baidu already have made couple of projects based on blockchain technology this year on its very own blockchain-as-a-service platform launched in January 2018. Earlier in February, Baidu launched the Leci Gou crypto-dog pet project. Later in April, it was followed by the launch of the stock photo platform Totem on the blockchain.

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