Chris Dejrit lost all his investments in cryptocurrency by giving his password to ‘support team.’

Cryptocurrency scams on the rise

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Chris Dejrit is a cryptocurrency investor who started investing after he was hit by a car. After being hit by the drunk driver, he became partially disabled and was unable to continue with work. To ensure his life was running he invested all his savings in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency became a very lucrative business to him. In fact according to Dejrit: “Cryptocurrency returns are phenomenal.”

One day Dejrit had problems with buying a certain cryptocurrency he wanted. He tried hard and could not get access. After giving up, he sorts advice from the ‘customer care.’ “The person I got for support wanted to access my computer. Since I wanted help, I gave him access to the computer, and this was the start of my troubles. In fact, this was a big mistake. I gave him the password to the computer too.” Chris Dejrit explained.
After giving the details, it took only a few minutes before cryptocurrencies worthy $22,000 were transferred. In fact, his account was left with only $5. “I sat there confused and thought how bad that was” he went on.

Be careful with support companies

Justin Newton the CEO of Netki which is a support company has been warning investors not to trust agents who are not known. According to him: “Take your investment with caution. Treat it the same way that you would to any type of financial tool of investments.” There are very many people outside here who are just waiting for the slightest opportunity to snatch your investment.

Newton says that investing in cryptocurrency is highly profitable nut it’s very risky as well. “It’s true that we have seen a lot of appreciation in value recently. I will remain to warn people not to invest an amount that they are not prepared to lose. Losing all lifetimes investment can be disastrous.” Newton said.

Chris Dejrit now lives to advise investors to learn from his mistake after all his life’s investment vanished. “Do not give your code to anyone, not even the help team. That code is secret and it’s what hold your investment. Remain tight-lipped about it.” Dejrit said. Now Dejrit is running a site called GoFundMe which he is using to raise funds to return the money he lost in the scam.

Instances of people losing all their cryptocurrencies daily have been on the rise. Beware of all loopholes in the cryptocurrency and ensure that you are well protected. Avoid malicious codes that could steal your passwords and have ways to eliminate malware from your computers.

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