Chris Lee Joins Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange platform

Former OKEx CEO joins rival exchange Huobi

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The third largest cryptocurrency platform by trading volume has a new executive joining its management team;  OKEx’s former CEO Chris Lee. Mr. Lee is joining the Huobi exchange as the vice president of global business development.

Lee will head the Huobi global mergers and acquisition strategy. In addition to his new role at Huobi, Lee will also supervise international developments as the exchange platform expands. Lee’s move to the Singapore based exchange platform comes a week after his resignation from OKEx.

The former CEO took to WeChat to announce his resignation explaining that most of the first generation management teams at OKEx had already left and was creating room for new blood. He further explained that OKEx had a “experienced a notable turneover rate of senior executives’ in the past years. However, according to reports from OKEx management and Lee’s spokesperson,his resignation was occasioned by personal reasons. Lee’s resignation came after OKEx faced accusations of manipulating bitcoin features on its trading platform.

What Lee brings to Huobi

OKEx gave Chris Lee the opportunity to work with the best in the cryptocurrency industry. Similarly, the joining in to fill in for the founder and CEO, Star Xu, gained him excellent leadership skills which helped OKEx  grow. Under his leadership, Okex grew quickly and just recently surpassed Binance as the largest cryptocurrency trading platform by trading volume. Although the OKEx exchange platform success came after his resignation, his leadership skills enabled the company to reach that level.These excellent management and leadership skills are what Lee takes to Huobi.

Huobi, the third largest exchange platform by trading volume, is expanding its wings across the world. Just recently, Huobi announced it is establishing itself in Toronto Canada.  it is also looking to enter the US market as another venture apart from the Toronto office. In a bid to comply with the law, Huobi has registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). As Chris Lee joins Huobi group, the exchange platform  highly  hopes he will help it grow even more. Other than the exchange platform, Huobi conglomerates include Huobi Capital investment Fund, Huobi Labs blockchain incubator, and Huobi Pro exchange.

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