Coinbase has hired former Facebook and Twitter communications expert Rachel Horowitz and the new Vice president of communications

Coinbase is reorganizing its management

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Former Facebook communications director has joined Coinbase as the new Vice President of communications. Rachel Horowitz who also worked on Twitter in the communications department has joined Coinbase through Spark Capital where she acted as a partner assisting in marketing and communication. More to that she also acted as an advisor to the portfolio founders.

The announcement of her appointment was announced by Coinbase through their website and also their official Twitter account. Coinbase stated that:

“Coinbase is now experiencing a period of massive growth. In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, we are working hard to expand our executive team to include more experienced and talented people to help us. We are pleased to welcome Rachael Horowitz to our team. She is a great addition to our team especially due to her track record of helping new and emerging technology to break through to mainstream audiences.”

Horowitz track record as a communications expert is very straight having worked as a director of communications at Facebook. She was also on the communication team at Twitter since its initial public offer.
On joining Coinbase, she stated that:

“This is very similar to what drew me to twitter when I joined them. For that reason, it feels very exciting to join the company at a very critical moment. This is very okey for me personally, and it’s also very interesting from a communication point of view.”

The recent cryptocurrency run has drawn more attention from Coinbase to the market. In order to match the growing demand for the company, Coinbase has been hiring new talents to take the company to the next level. Other than Horowitz Coinbase also hired Emilie Choi who will act as the vice president of Corporate and Business Development. They also added two more officials Eric Scro who will be the vice president of Finance and Tina Bhatnagar who will be the Vice-president in charge of operations and technology. The new management team is expected to steer the exchange to the next level of efficiency as well as the increasing demands from clients.

This has been a very busy week for Coinbase who also announced the launching of a venture fund for startups in the crypto space. The company stated that it was ready to fund promising companies that have great ideas which can move the space forward in a positive and meaningful way in their early stages.

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