Cointext Launches Features To Send Bitcoin Cash Without Internet

Users Can Now Transact With Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Without Internet Services

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  • Cointext enables users to transact in Bitcoin Cash without internet on their mobile phones.
  • The app does not hold Bitcoin cash and sending on the feature cost as low as 0.05 cent.

Cointext, a popular Short Message Service (SMS) platform, made a public announcement this week about the launching of its new feature service, which enables users to send and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on a mobile phone without internet services. This feature utilizes the phone’s SMS protocol. The beta version of this feature can now be tested in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the US, South Africa, and Canada.

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With this latest Cointext feature, users are now enabled to send Bitcoin Cash through the SMS protocol of their mobile phones without the need for an internet connection. The beta version of this feature was released to the public by Cointext developers on March 27. Vin Armani, Cointext’s co-founder, and CTO, made the launching announcement. He said:

“Cointext is the easiest and most powerful way to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash because it works with any type of mobile phone and you don’t need any knowledge of cryptocurrency to use it.”

Developers state that this new Cointext feature runs over the text messaging communication layers for mobile phones, and claim that the platform’s wallet is capable of doing what most traditional cryptocurrency wallets can’t do. Citing an instance, Cointext can send Bitcoin Cash to a feature phone – those without internet facility – in order to reach developing countries. Presently, about 2,000 users have already subscribed to this feature. Cointext is also dashing out free Bitcoin Cash realized from donations from the BCH community, it is also rewarding first-timers who text the word ‘CASH’ to the firm’s access number with $0.50 in BCH.

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According to Armani:

“Money, or currency, has always been the killer app for bitcoin, not merely a store of value.”

Cointext is offering a borderless, and permission-less fund transfer to the unbanked all over the world. Developers said that Cointext doesn’t hold onto user’s funds, as all transactions are completed on the Bitcoin Cash network on-chain, without any modification or censoring of transactions by the SMS client. However, they warned that funds cannot be recovered if a user lost its phone number. Cointext charges about 0.05 cents in BCH for sending messages.

Armani said:

“If everything goes smoothly, we’ll launch the next wave of access numbers in April and May, including the first language translations.”

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