Consulting Models Unlocked by Blockchain for Experts Worldwide

Blockckain has unlocked Consulting Model for Experts of All Kinds

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Quality consulting Models are very important to many businesses, especially start-ups who need help in setting up and running their new business.

The untapped field of Consulting Models

Presently, online Consulting Model still lacks professionalism and necessary tools for proper sharing and auditing. This makes most clients settle with using primitive tools like Skype to consult with professionals – Skype lacks proper time and content tracking. Most times, lots of time is expended in arranging proper appointments between consultants and clients given differences in time zones.

Though, there are other tools for knowledge sharing between individuals and businesses – Dropbox, Evernote and Asana, but most of these applications still lack the necessary tools for a quality business-consultant relationship, such as tracking and payments.

The actual time spent in consultation and the payments that are due afterwards are often a matter of confusion. This lack of transparency leads to mistrust between all parties. Consultants must balance keeping the clients happy with getting paid for their valuable advice, and this is difficult to do.

Blockchain has shown the capability of bridging the trust gap through the security and stability that it offers. Blockchain is transparent and yet secured as each and every transaction will be recorded on the Blockchain for future reference. Transactions are also verified by others who secure the Blockchain.

Blockchains improve the process

Blockchain technology will be used in build Consulting Models apps through which experts and clients can communicate quickly and effectively. The use of Ethereum has introduced lots of credibility and flexibility, because developers prefer the Ethereum Blockchain.

These Consulting Models apps track communication between experts and clients closely and transparently. Payments are carried out instantly through the Blockchain which can be verified by anybody. The charges of an expert are also set up front and publicly thus removing any sort of confusion in the payment mechanism and making the system transparent.

Knowledge sharing would be key

Easy-to-use, decentralized, Blockchain-based consulting models help to unlock the knowledge of experts worldwide. Any expert with an Internet connection can easily offer their knowledge to clients and earn money doing so. With the advent of Blockchain and decentralization, knowledge will have more value and be more accessible than ever before.

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