Coolbitx has Launched a Credit Card Shaped Hardware Device Called Coolwallet

Credit Card shaped hardware wallet

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Cryptocurrency investors are taking security and storage methods for their digital currencies very serious. Investors have different options since they can either store their currencies in an online wallet or through hardware since there are different hardware solutions. A startup has come up with a different type of cryptocurrency hardware wallet which resembles a credit card. The new hardware is called Coolwallet and can be easily carried alongside other credit cards.

The Taiwanese company Coolbitx was founded by Michael Ou in 2014. It creates cryptocurrency hardware wallets as well as developing smart contract platforms. In 2014 they started an Indiegogo campaign which featured the credit card shaped hardware wallet which could store Bitcoin private keys. During the campaign, the team raised 21,686 dollars through 184 backers who were more than their target. Coolbitx is also backed by many firms like Bitmain Technologies, Kyber Capital, SBI Holdings, Midana Capital and others.

Basically, Coolwallet S looks like a traditional credit card and measures 85.60*53.98 mm with rounded corners. The card also has a display at the upper corner which shows the owner their wallet’s data like sending and balances. According to Coolbitx, the wallet has a tactile button which ensures an owner’s two-factor authentication process. The wallet can hold all the popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple and an assortment of ERC-20 tokens.

Coolwallet works with mobile phones and is also Bluetooth Compatible

The features coming with this wallet shows its best in the market since its waterproof, flexible and fire resistant. The wallet’s data is synchronized through encrypted Bluetooth technology and its Near Field Communication charger powers the device with its own power dock. More to that Coolwallet S can also be tethered to a mobile application for IOS devices and Android devices.


Coolbitx developers advise their clients:

“To keep it private, cool and safe. More to that have total control of your digital currency with an EAL5+ secure element microchip on the tamper-proof physical device.”

Due to the many features coming with the Coolwallet S, it’s a bit more expensive than other hardware wallets in the market like Trezor, Digital Bitbox, Keepkey, and Ledger. The wallet costs 189 dollars buts users can buy a Duo package for 299 dollars. One more thing is can the wallet can only be bought using a credit card because there is no option of using cryptocurrency.

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