Cryptocurrency Billionaires

The wealth amassed by long term crypto aficionados is truly surprising.

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In the cryptocurrency market, a fortune can be made quite literally overnight. It’s not uncanny for certain digital assets to provides their investors with extraordinarily significant returns due to the markets overall volatility. However, there are wealth alphas that stand out even amongst the top dogs. Let’s start off our list of the wealthiest cryptopeople with the Winklevoss twins.

Winklevoss Twins.

The crypto fortune amassed by the Winklevoss twins is truly mouthwatering. Their assumed cryptocurrency net worth is close to if not over, 1 billion USD. Additionally, the Winklevoss twins stand behind one of the worlds most polished cryptocurrency exchanges, Gemini. Which caters to hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

Chris Larsen.

Larsen is the functioning executive chairman and former CEO of Ripple. Which is a cryptocurrency responsible aimed at handling interbank transactions using Blockchain technology. Ripple (XRP), currently comes in at 3rd place based on its market cap of close to 30 billion USD. Lagging behind Ethereum, which is at close to 80 billion. Larsen’s net worth is assumed to be somewhere in the ballpark of 10 billion.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.

Zhao, is the acting CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, and who fired a shot back at John Mcafee. In his early forties (41), and in just under a year, Zhao has managed to make Binance the near epicenter of cryptocurrency trading. The hardworking CEO currently sits on top of a fortune that is assumed to be close to 2 billion USD.

Brian Armstrong.

Armstrong is the CEO and founder of Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. As well as an entry point for most western crypto traders. The number of customers that Coinbase caters to has more than doubled over the course of the last year. Armstrong is enjoying a fortune of around 1$ billion.

Michael Novogratz.

After leaving his position with Fortress Investment Group around two years ago, Novogratz became a heavy crypto enthusiast and investor. The current CEO of Galaxy Digital, and documented Forbes billionaire has amassed a crypto fortune close to a billion dollars at least.

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