Cryptocurrency Crooner’s in Japan sing the Bitcoin Beats

Popularizing cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrency is becoming y popular. Very many promotional events are coming up like the recent Miss Bitcoin in Japan which has now started. More to that Virtual Currency Girls are almost holding their first live concert which will happen in Tokyo on Friday. This is according to the management company Cinderella Academy.

In order to keep the theme of the event payment of the event will be accepted only in currencies. According to the group’s leader Rara Naruse: “Our main aim is to drive the idea through entertainment that virtual currencies are not only a tool for speculation but it’s a wonderful technology that will shape the future.”

The group is tapping in a rich Seam in Japan where Bitcoin has already been recognized as a legal tender. Japan is doing so well in cryptocurrencies and last year nearly one third of all cryptocurrencies are mainly dominated by yen. More to that Japan also has the biggest cryptocurrency market since most of the exchange companies moved to Japan after china banned Bitcoin trading.

The promotional dances are a good awareness tool especially this time when the cryptocurrency market seems to be struggling. More to that this period is witnessing the launch of many other cryptocurrencies therefore the market is likely to be very competitive. A good example is the launch of Petro by the republic of Venezuela and the proposed launch of Gram by Telegram.

Bitcoin seems to be having its biggest struggle with counties with the biggest adoption are moving forward to regulate the same with some like South Korea threatening to ban cryptocurrencies. However, many institutions are still embracing payment using Bitcoin among others.

Japan may still continue being the leader in the cryptocurrency because the country made the trading of the virtual currency legal in the county. More promotions similar to Black Friday should come up to ensure that cryptocurrencies are fully mainstream.

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