NBA Superstar to Launch First-ever Celebrity-branded CryptoKitty

Steph Curry is Launching the First Celebrity CryptoKitty

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  • Steph Curry to launch first-ever celebrity-branded Cryptokitty.
  • This move is part of an effort to expand the collectibles app by adding celebrities and other popular icons.

It has been confirmed by the head of partnerships for the firm behind the tokenized digital cats, Caty Tedman, that the NBA Superstar, Steph Curry will be unveiling the first-ever celebrity-branded CryptoKitty. This move by Curry is part of an effort to expand the collectibles app by adding branded tokens, which may go beyond celebrities and extend to other popular icons. Caty said:

“We are launching a series of Steph Curry CryptoKitties, so there will be three exclusive Steph Curry CryptoKitties [which] will be representative of his personalities. The first will be sold by him, and it’ll be up to him whether he wants to sell the other two.”

Caty added that Moji, Curry’s emoji app development company has approached the CryptoKitties team.

Bryce Bladon, a co-founder, stated that working with curry was “not an off-the-cuff idea.” He added that Curry “really cares about his fans and that’s what we look for.” Bladon said that partnering with Curry is more than just adding a celebrity to the platform. He said:

“Introducing CryptoKitties, and by extension blockchain technology to other audiences and showcasing crypto outside of currency, that’s our primary motivation.”

He added:

“Part of why we’re doing is this very much in line with why we want CryptoKitties in the first place – we’ve got an actual opportunity to innovate and the past few months we’ve been hiring new talent and … What makes it exciting is those moments, official endorsements and being partnered with something, to have an actual example of what that’ll look like on the blockchain.”

Caty added:

“In a lot of ways CryptoKitties is a stepping stone into the space. It’s a great place to test IP in the space.”

Bladon said he’s waiting to see how the launch goes, adding that the developers behind the project are not done working on the platform. With all these in place, launching the first branded cryptokitty is “obviously very exciting.”

“The cats have reached the moon,” Bladon added.

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